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Every wedding is different and unique. We have been organising weddings for 14 years.

We are a team of young people committed to meeting your personal needs and being there for you on your wedding day every step of the way. We have helped almost 100 couples make their big day that extra special.

We offer a full wedding service from A to Z.

OUR BOOKS and other interesting facts

Our publication           Katka Srbová a Zdena Balíková

KUTNÁ HORA - The Ideal Wedding Venue

We decided to write this brochure in response to the growing demand for weddings in Kutná Hora that could provide alternatives to the popular Ceremonial Hall at the Italian Court, and for those who were looking for something a little bit different. 

Kutná Hora – one of the most romantic towns in the Czech Republic – offers plenty of unique locations for your wedding ceremony, not to mention countless beautiful spots for taking those memorable photographs. We would like to introduce you to at least some of them.

E-book / manual                Zdena Balíková



Anyone who is preparing or helping to prepare a wedding should have our Wedding Planning Calendar on hand. Our calendar is an essential wedding planning tool that makes sure you never forget any of those important times and dates.

The agency was great and a pleasure to collaborate with. Despite the problems we had with the director of Chateau Kačina, our big day passed without any major problems, mainly thanks to the agency! They tried to do as much as they could for us and to ensure everything ran smoothly. I can only recommend them :)

Michaela Tuček Konečnábride 5.9.2015

Our Wedding – Kat & Jamie (19/09/2015) We organised our bilingual wedding from abroad and we couldn’t have done it without Katka, the two Kristinkas and the rest of the team. We were completely happy with them and we would strongly recommend the agency’s services. Katka helped us with absolutely everything and was a great support with all the planning from the very beginning. Some of the services we availed of included scheduling arrangements, accessory sewing, clothes tailoring and ironing, the services of a violinist and DJ, preparing the programme, flowers, doves, castle decoration, arrangement of the restaurant and wedding table, coordination of transport for the wedding guests, renting props, refreshments… and thousands of other things. Katka even hired bagpipers and drummers upon our request. In short, everything was superb including them taking care of my last-minute trifles – I had sent her an email of what I needed after midnight on the day before the wedding and everything was perfect the next day. Thank you for your endless willingness and great ideas, and for making it the wedding of our dreams.

Kat FergusonBride 19.9.2015

It’s 13 years to the day since my wedding and Kata has been providing (as she did for our wedding) an amazing service ever since. I didn’t even mind to make all those trips from Prague! I definitely recommend her services to everyone, and even after all this time I’m so thankful to her for all the memories!

DanielaBride April 2002