Weddings... and what inspires to me to do this job

Everyone dreams of wearing a beautiful dress, putting on an enchanting weddint ceremony,

and having great music, a delicious wedding feast and an amazing after-party.

And we know that these dreams can come true. We've been helping couples fulfil their dreams for 14 years.

How it all began... 

I was born in Kutná Hora, which is a pretty romantic place in itself. My childhood dream was to be a princess and I’m so happy to say that dream came true on the day of my wedding…I subsequently found out that it was even better to be surrounded by all those “future princesses”. And having a superb team to work with is just an incredible feeling. 

Starting out was difficult of course. When I founded the “wedding salon” in Kutná Hora in 2001, I didn’t want it to be a place that just churned out the usual wedding dresses and evening wear rentals. As time went on my colleagues and I began to offer a wider range of services before finally being able to provide the complete ALL-IN-ONE WEDDING PACKAGE: From A to Z upon request.

In 2006 I opened a new branch of The Wedding Salon in Semily, a town close to the Krkonoše Mountains.

I’m well aware of how much stress engaged couples can go through with all the wedding preparations they have to deal with and with getting themselves ready too. After all, the wedding day is their special day and I’ve never liked the idea that anyone would get too nervous about getting everything ready for “D-Day”. So we decided to let future husbands and wives put their wedding day in our hands.

We aim to provide the ultimate service with planning, organising and coordinating the weddings of all our clients (especially the brides!). We know that future married couples want their wedding day to be unforgettable and unique and we take an individual approach to each client. We want the wedding planning to be a “wonderful experience” for each couple.

We treat each client individually and try to understand who they are, which can give us a great feeling for how they want their wedding day to be. We are all different and every wedding is different and that’s where we start from.

We believe that the word wedding should never become a mundane word and always retain its beautiful connotations of love and happiness.   

Over the years we soon realised that there’s nothing quite like pulling off your “best” wedding. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s modest or ostentatious. Each wedding should be unique because of those magical words “YES…and…YES”.

 „Your wedding day shouldn’t be about the colours of the flowers or about the cost of inviting everyone. It should only ever be about the two of you.“

Let us plan your unforgettable day so we can put you at the heart of things.

Our vision

We look to plan for your day in the most efficient and least complicated way possible. With our helpful recommendations we make your life easier, especially in the run up to the day itself.

We focus on international weddings because we feel that is the market where our help is most needed.

Putting on weddings in new, unconventional environments is a great challenge for us. But we also cater to those clients who prefer the atmosphere of a more “traditional” environment. 

We like to think we have a great team spirit and we hope to become your good friends in helping you plan your wedding.

Katka and the entire team at Svatba IN