Every bride wants her wedding to be a calm and hassle-free experience, so if you opt for a larger wedding you should consider the services of a wedding coordinator. That could be a friend with good organisational skills who doesn’t mind to take on the work so you can enjoy your wedding – or you can hire a professional.

Various wedding agencies offer various services. We have decided to choose the easiest way and divided our services into “wedding planning” and “wedding coordination”.

Wedding planning

This takes in the period before the wedding. Our wedding coordinator can recommend high-quality and reliable suppliers that match your requirements. How do I go about choosing flowers and how will I arrange them? What type of wedding cake do I go for? What about matching wedding invitations? Where can I get a suit for the groom and dresses for the bride and bridesmaids? Don’t worry. Our wedding coordinator will contact all suppliers before the wedding to make sure everything runs perfectly, that the services ordered get delivered, as well as helping with guest accommodation, wedding presents, etc.